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February 15, 2021

FutureRestore iOS 14 - Downgrade to unsigned iOS 14 versions in 2021!

Hey guys hope you all are doing great, this is iMAT back with another post. In this post we are going to talk about futurerestore iOS 14/15. As you all know that I previously had a tutorial on futurerestore but as you know iOS 14/15 broke a lot of things, one of them was futurerestore. So, today I'm gonna be telling you about using the new and updated futurerestore for iOS 14, thanks to Cryptiiiic (@Cryptiiiic)

Futurerestore now supports iOS 14/15. It doesn't support all devices fully, but it can do the job we want it to do!

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And keep in mind, jailbreak is compulsory because you need to set the nonce generator value. NON JAILBROKEN METHOD IS ONLY POSSIBLE FOR iPhone X and Belown



  • Take a backup of your device using iTunes, iCloud or any 3rd-Party service you prefer because this process will completely erase your data.
  • After that go to settings and Turn Off Find My iPhone and sign out of your iTunes/iCloud account.
  • Now, we need to get the files ready.

  • First of all go to the to download Futurerestore..
  • Here scroll down and click on the link given to get the Latest Compiled Version.
  • Here download the latest compiled version e.g in my case, as of today, it is futurerestore-v194.
  • Now we need to download the IPSW file of the version we are restoring to.
  • For that, go to
  • Now select on your device type i.e in my case it's an iPhone.
  • After that select your device model i.e in my case it's an iPhone X (GSM)
  • If you are not sure about your device's model. then click on the Identify My Device button located at the top bar. And then on your iPhone, go to Settings >> General >> About and then click on Model Number to reveal your model number e.g for iPhone X (GSM) it is A1901. Now enter it in the tab on "Identify My Device" page.
  • Now download the IPSW file of the version you are restoring to e.g in my case it is iOS 14.3 (18C66).

  • Now you need to get your blobs file. It is the most important thing in this tutorial.
  • To save your blobs, you have to go to TSSSaver and enter your ECID. It saves the blobs of the versions which are signed at that moment.
  • If you have been following me on Twitter (@iMAT_YouTube), you know I keep updating about these things, which means you surely have the blobs of the previous unsigned versions.
  • Keep in mind you can not save the blobs of the versions which are unsigned.

  • So, to save the blobs connect your device to the Mac.
  • If you are on Mojave or lower, launch iTunes and click on your iPhone's icon.
  • Now click twice on Serial Number to reveal the ECID.
  • If you are on Catalina or Higher, then read this to find your ECID value: Find ECID of iPhone on MacOs
  • Now copy it. Then go to TSSSaver again and paste it in the ECID section.
  • Select your device, which in my case is an iPhone X (GSM) (iPhone10,6).
  • If you are using A12 or higher, you will also need to specify APNONCE.

  • Now we have all of the files ready,
FutureRestore v184 - iOS 14.x IPSW - iOS 14.x. blobs

  • Now let's start the process.
  • Go to Launchpad >> Utilities >> Terminal.
  • Open Terminal on your Mac or MacBook.
  • Now the FutureRestore-v194 file would be in .zip file. Unzip it.
  • Now drag it on to Terminal.
  • Now write -t and then drag your blobs file on to the Terminal.
  • Now write --latest-sep --latest-baseband .
  • And if you have a device with no sim, then write --latest-baseband --no-baseband.
  • Now drag the IPSW file of the version you are restoring to.
  • It would look something like this if you are restoring to iOS 14.3:
futurerestore -t blobs.shsh2 --latest-sep --latest-baseband iOS14.3.ipsw

  • Now press enter.
  • And after 10-15 minutes your device will be restored to iOS 14.x.
  • Now you can restore your backup taken on the previous iOS version.
  • You can watch this video if you get an error that your iPhone's version is too old for the backup.

  • That's it!! Enjoy your device on downgraded version!


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