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March 23, 2020

Finding your Nonce Generator Value in the Blobs

HEY GUYS, If you’re using the blob file within the NoApnonce Folder, then you can find the generator by:
  • Open your shsh blob file with any kind of text editor. 
  • (On Windows) Press Ctrl + F, or (On macOS) Press Command + F, then search for the word "generator".
  • Next to, or In the line below the word "generator", you'll find your nonce generator value ( probably 0x1111111111111111 ). 
  • If you didn't find your nonce generator, it means that you're using blobs with a specfic APNonce ( or in some cases you don't have the NoApnonce folder ). 
  • These blobs do have a nonce generator, however, it isn't within the blob itself.
  • In order to find your nonce generator value for these types of blobs, match your apnonce blob’s name with the ones below and set your generator value accordingly.
  • If you don't have any Apnonce or NoApnonce folder, then you can do the same steps to find your nonce generator value.

Devices with an A9 chip and below. ( iPhone 6s and below )
Copy the APNonce value from the ones given below, hit Ctrl + F or Command + F and see if it matches with the name of your blob. 
  • IF APNONCE: 603be133ff0bdfa0f83f21e74191cf6770ea43bb , GENERATOR= 0xbd34a880be0b53f3
  • IF APNONCE: 352dfad1713834f4f94c5ff3c3e5e99477347b95 , GENERATOR= 0x9d0b5b5ff92fff23
  • IF APNONCE: 42c88f5a7b75bc944c288a7215391dc9c73b6e9f , GENERATOR= 0x4bb8834ba6444b50
  • IF APNONCE: 0dc448240696866b0cc1b2ac3eca4ce22af11cb3 , GENERATOR= 0x698337f5a79c3292
  • IF APNONCE: 9804d99e85bbafd4bb1135a1044773b4df9f1ba3 , GENERATOR= 0xedeeb72d7575e360

Devices with an A10 chip and above ( iPhone 7 and above )
Copy the APNonce value from the ones given below, hit Ctrl + F or Command + F and see if it matches with the name of your blob.
  • IF APNONCE: 15400076bc4c35a7c8caefdcae5bda69c140a11bce870548f0862aac28c194cc , GENERATOR= 0xbd34a880be0b53f3
  • IF APNONCE: 833e50b9c6a4fbfbdc51144a60b4cf25be3a0a4742ca2b7bd6f5ec06905443ac , GENERATOR= 0x9d0b5b5ff92fff23
  • IF APNONCE: d8f682df87d812c372491b613d59795a80383f439587c0bb511ccf6865eb87cc , GENERATOR= 0x4bb8834ba6444b50
If you're unsure as to which SHSH blob file you should use, use the one inside the noapnonce folder. If that blob doesn't work when using Futurerestore, use blobs with a specific APNonce.

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