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March 3, 2020

Downgrade / Update to unsigned iOS Version iPhone with SHSH Blobs

Hey guys! are you mad because your device updated automatically and you dont like the latest version because you may find it buggy, battery draining and many other issues like this.

So, In this guide i have shown you how to downgrade or update to an unsigned version of iOS using shsh blobs.

So you maybe familiar with Shsh Blobs. and if you have them, you can use them to go back to the version you loved! There are some requirements to use this method, but yeah, everything requires something!
Before we start the process there are some important points to be kept it mind! So before we start scroll to the bottom of the post and read the FAQ section at the end of the video in which i have cleared some of the doubts you may have while considering this method! I assure you that section will help you.

So, now we are all done and we are ready to start the process. 

If you want to skip the guide, then you can scroll down and you will find links to all of the files which are needed to be downloaded.

This is a bit longer method and requires you to download two ipsw files. So, if you have a limited data plan or slow internet speed, then check out this link below to read an easier method which requires you to download only 1 ipsw! And if today is your lucky day this method might work, otherwise you will have to scroll to the REAL METHOD! which requires your time and attention,

So, without any further delay, lets start the process? 

  • Remember, as explained in the video tutorial and in the FAQ section in the video, you can only save the blobs of a version if it is signed right now.

  • Download the latest signed ipsw from

  • Download the ipsw of the version you’re restoring to from

  • Create a folder SHSH DOWNGRADE and place all files there.

  • Now open the latest ipsw with WinRAR ( DOWNLOAD WINRAR : LINK ).

  • Drag the BuildManifest file to the SHSH DOWNGRADE folder.

  • Then go to again and in your device section check the device information tab and note the BoardConfig. ( for example its d221ap for iPhone X GSM ).

  • After that open the BuildManifest.plist file and go to List View.

  • Click on Build Identities.

  • There will be many + signs there, each will be representing a different BoardConfig.

  • So click on the + sign then click on +Info and check one by one that which one of the BoardConfig matches with your device.

  • So in the one which matches your device’s board config, click on +Manifest.

  • In Manifest, to get the baseband file path click on +BasebandFirmware, then click on +Info and note the path. Then open the latest ipsw file with WinRAR again and go to the path.

  • And in +Manifest, to get the SEP file, click on +SEP, then click on +Info and note the path. Then open the latest ipsw file with WinRAR again and go to the path.

  • So now you can move the latest ipsw file to another folder you dont need it now.

  • Now you’ll have all the files in the SHSH DOWNGRADE folder: FutureRestore, IPSW of the version you’re restoring to, shsh blobs file, [SEP Baseband BuildManifest] file from the latest IPSW.

  • Now you have to set the Nonce Generator value.

  • Remember you need to be Jailbroken to do that.

  •  For that, open shsh blobs file with Plist Editor and go to List View. Copy the generator value there. Now you have to set the nonce value on the iDevice. There are many method depending on the iOS version and which jailbreak are you using. Check which method is for you by going to this link : NONCE SETTERS

  • In some cases, you might not have NoApnonce blob in your blobs folder or your blobs might have a specific Nonce Generator Value. So, the 0x1111111111111111 nonce generator value wont work for you, so READ THIS POST to check how to find which Nonce Generator Value you should use.

  • So now you can connect your device using lightning cable, and Open Command Prompt / Terminal.

  • Now, drag FutureRestore in the terminal, then type -t, then drag the shsh blobs file, then type -s, then drag the SEP file, then type -b, then drag the Baseband file, then type -p, then drag the BuildManifest file, then type -m, then drag the BuildManifest file again, and then space and drag the IPSW of the version you’re restoring to.

  • It will look like this:
FutureRestore -t ShshBlobs -s SEP -b Baseband -p BuildManifest -m BuildManifest [space] IPSW

Now press enter and the process will start. Leave your device connected for 10-15 minutes and after that your device will be restored to the unsigned IPSW.


(The video used below is from my own channel and my channel has embedding enabled)

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