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May 19, 2020


HEY GUYS! here you can find the written step-by-step guide for futurerestore!

  1. Get the blobs from TSS SAVER.
  2. Download the ipsw of the version you’re restoring to from
  3. Download Future Restore for macOS and Windows.
  4. Download Future Restore for.
  5. Create a folder SHSH DOWNGRADE and place all files there.
  6. Now you’ll have all the files in the SHSH DOWNGRADE folder: FutureRestore, IPSW of the version you’re restoring to, shsh blobs file.
  7. Now you have to set the Nonce Generator value. For that, open shsh blobs file with Plist Editor and go to List View. Copy the generator value there. Now you have to set the nonce value on the iDevice. There are many method depending on the iOS version and which jailbreak are you using. Check which method is for you by going to this LINK.
    If you are using checkra1n, then you can Watch This Video to set the nonce geerator value.
  8. So now you can connect your device in normal mode using lightning cable, and Open Command Prompt / Terminal.
  9. Now, drag FutureRestore in the terminal, then type -t, then drag the shsh blobs file, then type --latest-sep --latest-baseband, and then space and drag the IPSW of the version you’re restoring to.
For example, It will look like this if you are restoring to 13.4: 

FutureRestore.exe -t Blobs.shsh2 --latest-sep --latest-baseband [space] 13.4.ipsw

Now press enter and the process will start. Leave your device connected for 10-15 minutes and after that your device will be restored to the unsigned IPSW.

For FAQs check the FAQ Section at the end of the video.


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(The video used below is from my own channel and my channel has embedding enabled)

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