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February 23, 2020

Checkn1x V1.1.7 Latest ISO file for Checkra1n on Windows - Jailbreak any iOS version from iOS 12.0 to the latest version of iOS 14. Jailbreak iOS 12.5.4/13.7/14.7.1

Jailbreak iOS 12/13/14? Checkra1n is the best option!

So todays post is about checkn1x, which is only a ~30 MB ISO file to use checkra1n on a windows PC/ Laptop. Checkn1x lets you use the latest versions of checkra1n to jailbreak your iDevice. 

CHECKRAIN has the power to even jailbreak the latest iOS 14 and iOS 14 betas, but that version of checkra1n is only available for A10(x) and below as of now. And support for A11 is limited and requires disabling passcode and Face ID!

Before we continue further, check whether you can jailbreak using checkra1n by heading over to the CAN I JAILBREAK? page by CLICKING HERE.

Here, you will be able to check whether you can jailbreak using checkra1n or not! and if your device is not compatible with checkra1n, then whether you can jailbreak using any other jailbreak or not!

So if your device is compatible with checkra1n, then you will need to download a few files:

Once you have download the files, make a bootable flashdrive using Balena Etcher and boot into it to run Checkra1n and jailbreak your device!

You can also check out my Video Tutorial on my channel:

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