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December 8, 2023

Hello Watch 3 v4 Update | How to Update Hello Watch 3 to v4 | How to Update Hello Watch 3 to watchOS 10 Update | Full Guide

 So, are you using a Hello Watch 3 and you trusted that the manufacturers will continue to provide updates and make it stable? But you were disappointed like the rest of the Hello Watch 3 owners! But in this post, I am going to bring your Hello Watch 3 back to life! In this process, we will be updating the Hello Watch 3 to the latest watchOS 10 update which is v4. Normally all Hello Watch 3's are running v1.00.56 right now, and in this video we will update it to v4.00.11 which was released earlier in the December.

First of all, special thanks to my super subscriber Sophie Macquet for helping me with this guide and making it possible to share this method with all of you, it could not have been possible without her!

Since this method required a lot of details, so it was not possible to write a post about it, as a lot of details will be missed. So, below I have shared the full video tutorial to help you with it! Scroll down to get access to all of the link:

Links used in the video:

  • Code for the Firmware File


"data": {



"message": "Successful operation",

"retCode": 0


Scheme: POST

Protocol: https

Host: (copy this link and paste in on yours just like in the s.s)

Port: *

Part: /qcwx/app-update/last-ota


If you are a Windows User, then you will need to download the full PDF file, in which you can read how to do the process on Windows.

Android Users:

If you have an Android device, check Charles Proxy website to configure the certificates on your device. (You will need root for android) Check https://www.charlesproxy.


Check out the video below to find out everything new in the new Version 4 (watchOS 10) :

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