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January 29, 2022


    PTA has surprised the iPhone users in Pakistan once again. iPhone users were already smashing their heads when the iPhone 13 prices were announced, because the prices were really high as compared to iPhone 12 series. No doubt that the government has played a big role in it by increasing the price of USD.

    I myself purchased the iPhone 12 Pro Max in 256Gb storage option which was available in Pakistan for 267,000 rupees. This was the official price in Pakistan, PTA approved, custom duty paid and with international warranty. Not to forget this device's official price on Apple's website was $1199.

    This year I purchased the iPhone 13 Pro in 256 GB storage, which is available for $1099 on Apple's website. But even with $100 lesser price, it still costed me 272,000 PKR. I bought it from iStore in DHA, Lahore. The official version for Pakistan is PTA approved with custom duty paid and international warranty. 

    When these prices were announced, the PTA Tax for these devices was around 42,000-47,000. But PTA has increased this price so high in the last two months that to be honest, it is unfair to the iPhone users in Pakistan. Last month PTA approved the tax to around 50,000-55,000 PKR. But this month, PTA has increased the PTA Tax to around 70,000-78,000 PKR.

The Apple Authorised Resellers also announced the new prices for the newly announced iPhone 13 series following the rapid increase in the PTA Tax. The new prices for iPhone 13 Pro in all storage options is given below:

iPhone 13 Pro 128GB - Rs. 283,000

iPhone 13 Pro 256GB - Rs. 300,000

iPhone 13 Pro 512GB - Rs. 345,500

iPhone 13 Pro 1TB - Rs. 394,000

All of these prices are confirmed from the websites of the Apple Authorised Resellers.

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