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July 16, 2020

Unc0ver without PC

So guys, previously as you knew that we were not able to install unc0ver on our iDevies because Apple keeps revoking the certificates, and many users who do not have a Device running MacOs 10.14.4 or higher/ Windows 10 were not able to install Unc0ver. because only Altstore is offering revoke free service for installing the IPA files and that too for free! But sadly it wont work for you if:
  • You dont have a mac/ macbook running MacOs 10.14.4 or higher
  • A Laptop or PC running Windows 10
  • If you dont have a Pc/ Laptop/ Mac
Because of computer access many users were not able to use Checkra1n already which support MacOs/ Linux only by now. And now unc0ver came with some trouble, having computer access to install it and jailbreak your iPhone.

But the third party appstores keep struggling to sign their appstores with new certificates so that users without computer can get hands on the latest IPA files and install them without a computer!

AppCake is found to be the most trusted third party appstore among them. and It keeps signing the store with new certificates so that users can access their store and take advantage from it.

So if you wanna stay updated with the signing status of AppCake, first of all go to their twitter account which posts about the signing status by CLICKING HERE.

Links of AppCake site:

If you want to know how to install AppCake and install unc0ver to jailbreak your device running iOS 11.0 - 13.5, then watch this video from my channel iMAT iOS:

(The video used below is from my own channel and my channel has embedding enabled)

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