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July 14, 2020


Hey Guys in this video I have shown you how can you install Windows Apps on your Mac / MacBook.

Normally, if you want to install Windows Apps on your Mac/ MacBook, you either have to create a virtual machine or dual-boot Windows & MacOs. But this video will be really helpful, as by using this method you will be able to install Windows Applications on your Mac/ MacBook without creating a virtual machine/ dual-booting.

It will save a lot of time! As you won't have to wait for your Virtual machine to turn on and neither you’ll have to shut down your MacOs and turn on windows! 

I used this video to install IDM (Internet Download Manager) on my MacBook, because it speeds up the download process and gives a better downloading speed! So if I have to download something on my MacBook and i want to use IDM to download the file, instead of waiting for my VM to turn on and waste my time on downloading and copying the file to the MacBook, or by restarting my MacBook to windows and copying the file to a USB flash drive then using it on my MacBook, i can directly use it on my MacBook and install files!

To download the software head over to my Windows Softwares Page.

Watch the video:

(The video used below is from my own channel and my channel has embedding enabled)

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