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May 22, 2020


Dual-boot without flashdrive? YES IT IS POSSIBLE!

Hey guys in this post i will tell you how can you Dual Boot MacOs and Windows 10 without a flashdrive. So as you know that while installing hackintosh on your system, it gives you the option to install clover but that option is for those who are installing MacOs completely on their drive and are erasing windows! so if you choose that option, you wont be able to get back into windows.

So, let me help you with it, first of all guys you will have to head over to my MacOs Software Page and download Clover Configurator on your Hackintosh Laptop.

After that, open it and mount your EFI system partition of both Flashdrive's and HDD's. After that copy the folder named Clover from the EFI of Flashdrive and paste it in the EFI folder of your HDD.

Now remove the Flash-drive.

After that restart and boot into Windows.

When Windows has turned on, right click on the Windows icon and click on Command Prompt (Admin), if you dont have this option then simply search for cmd.exe and right click on it to run it as administrator.

After that paste this command in the terminal:

bcdedit /set {bootmgr} path \EFI\CLOVER\CLOVERX64.efi

COMMAND PROMPT will return the command that the operation completed successfully.

After that restart and you will be able to boot into Clover without the flashdrive.

To boot into Windows: Click on Boot MICROSOFT EFI.
To boot into MacOs: Click on the drive with the name of your Mac drive.


(The video used below is from my own channel and my channel has embedding enabled)

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