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April 9, 2020

Cydia Crashes FIXED

Hey guys today i will show you how can you fix Cydia crash problem on your iDevice.
Remember you need to be Jailbroken with checkra1n, if you are jailbroken with unc0ver/chimera/odyssey then you will need to install OpenSSH.

There are two methods:
  1. Filza Method
  2. Terminal Method
Both of the methods dont require computer/mac.

If you luckily had Filza installed when cydia started crashing, then its pretty east for you.
  • Go all the way back in Filza.
  • Open var folder.
  • Open mobile folder.
  • Open Library folder.
  • Open Cydia folder.
  • Remove metadata.cb0 file.
Cydia will start working!

Termial Method:
If you dont have Filza installed, dont worry, just follow the instructions:
  • Open AppStore.
  • Search for Termius.
  • Install it
  • Open termius, create a new host.
  • HOST NAME: localhost
  • PORT: 44
  • USERNAME: root
  • PASSWORD: alpine
  • Then run this command:
rm  /var/mobile/Library/Cydia/metadata.cb0
  • DONE!
  • Go back and open cydia.

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