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February 23, 2020

Compatible Graphics Card for Macs Catalina

Hey guys in this post i am going to talk about the compatible graphics card for MacOs Catalina.

CATALINA ONLY SUPPORTS METAL COMPATIBLE GRAPHICS CARDS!! Metal Compatible Graphics cards help in accelerating the performance of the apps and games on Apple platforms.

Catalina requires you to have a Metal Compatible Graphic card for full graphics acceleration but Metal Compatibility is not necessary for installing Hackintosh MacOs.

Is my Graphics Card Metal Compatible?
In case of Intel, all of the graphics card from Intel HD 4000 series or higher are Metal Compatible. This is the reason that you can not install MacOs Catalina On MacBook Pro 2011, because it has Intel HD 3000 series graphic card, which is not metal compatible. While, MacBook Pro 2012 supports MacOs Catalina which has Intel HD 4000 series graphics card.

If your system is not Metal Compatible, then installing Hackintosh MacOs Catalina on your laptop will result in only 4MBs for the graphics instead of 1536MBs.
Here is the list of Nvidia Cards that are Natively Supported with Catalina:
GTX Titan | GK 110 GTX Titan Black | GK 110 GTX Titan Z GTX 780 Ti GTX 780 GTX 770 GTX 760 Ti GT 740 GT 730 GT 720 GT 710 GTX 690 GTX 680 GTX 670 GTX 660 Ti GTX 650 Ti GTX 645 (Fermi) GT 640 (Kepler edition, GK 107/208 core) GT 630 (Kepler edition, GK 208 core) Quadro 410 Quadro K420 Quadro K600 Quadro K2000/D Quadro K4000/D Quadro K4200 Quadro K5000 Quadro K5200 Quadro K6000 Quadro NVS510

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